Seabird Sailboat on Charter in Mumbai

The Seabird Class sailboat is the most popular cruising boat in the India. It was designed specifically to sail in the Mumbai harbour. If you are looking for adventurous yet peaceful and calming experience, Seabird is an ideal boat to charter. The boat has an open deck on which you can sit while dipping your feet in the water, feeling the surf and the waves. The experience is truly amazing.

The boat is entirely powered by the sails, and can accommodate 6 people on board, which makes it an ideal option to add an adventurous flavour to your celebration – if you are thinking of surprising your friends or loved ones with this experience.

Quick Overview
Passenger capacity: 2 to 5
Crew: 1
Length: 21 feet
Ideal for: Cruises to near by islands and beaches, harbour cruises