Mahindra Odyssey 33 Speed Boat on Charter in Mumbai

The Mahindra Odyssey 33 speedboat is among the most preferred speedboats for quickly travelling to nearby beaches and islands. It is the most preferred speedboat to go to Mandwa, Alibaug. The Mahindra Odyssey, as the name tells you, is built in India by the famous Mahindra and Mahindra Group.

Even if you are simply looking to cruise around in the Mumbai Harbour, the Mahindra Odyssey is an ideal choice. The hull of the boat has a unique aerodynamic design which helps the boat achieve higher speeds while saving fuel.

If you are a fan of all things built in India, this boat an one for you!

Quick Overview
Passenger capacity: 2 to 12
Crew: 2
Length: 33 feet
Ideal for: Cruises to near by islands and beaches, harbour cruises